Kreado AI Revolutionizing Video Creation With Artificial Intelligence

Kreado AI Revolutionizing Video Creation With Artificial Intelligence
Kreado AI Revolutionizing Video Creation With Artificial Intelligence

Kreado AI Introduction

Kreado AI is an innovative Kreado AI platform that is revolutionizing video creation and production by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). With Credo AI, anyone can create stunning broadcast-quality videos quickly and easily, even without professional video editing skills or prior experience.

Overview of the Kreado AI Platform

The Kreado AI platform offers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered video creation tools that automate and streamline all aspects of video production. Some of the key capabilities provided by Kreado AI include:

AI Video Script Writing

Kreado AI features an advanced AI writer who can create professional video scripts on any topic provided. Just enter a few keywords and the AI writer will generate a ready-made script for the video with scene description and dialogues.

Text To Live Audio Conversion

Convert text to natural, human-like voiceover in over 100 languages and pronunciations. The text-to-speech engine provides a very realistic synthesis for voiceover.

AI Video Editing And Optimization

Kreado AI fully automates video editing, including adding intros/outros, transitions, subtitles, captions, overlays, licensed background music, and professionally designed templates. Users can fully customize every aspect of the video.

How To Login Kreado AI?

Getting started with Kreado AI is easy. Follow this quick step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Create a Kreado AI account

Go to Kreado ai and sign up for a free account. Subscription plans are also available with more capabilities.

Step 2: Choose an AI assistant or animated character

Browse a diverse library of virtual humans and animated hosts. Customize their look before selection.

Step 3: Enter text for the video script

Type or paste any text into AI Video Writer. It will automatically process it into a professional video script.

Step 4: Auto-generate your video

Let Kreado AI work its magic! It handles all aspects of video production including sound, editing, effects, etc.

Step 5: Download and share your video

Download your professionally edited video with just one click. Share it with your audience instantly!

And just like that you have an amazing video created with the power of artificial intelligence!

How To Use Kreado AI?

Kreado AI makes it easy for anyone to create professional videos by leveraging artificial intelligence. Follow this simple 5-step process to get started:

Step 1: Create An Account

Go to and click Sign Up. Choose account type – free or paid subscription. Fill in the details and verify your email to activate your account.

Step 2: Choose An AI Presenter

Within the Library, browse dozens of realistic human and animated presenters. Choose one and customize their look, clothes, expressions and more.

Step 3: Enter The Script And Assets

Type or paste your video script into the AI Video Writer. Or choose a template. Upload any images, logos or videos you want to include.

Step 4: Generate Video Automatically

Magic happens! Kreado AI automatically handles professional voiceovers, editing, effects, subtitles, licensed music, and more to create your video.

Step 5: Download And Share

Preview your video, then click Download to have a ready-to-use MP4 file for sharing on social media, websites, and other platforms!

Credo AI Pricing And Plans

Kreado AI offers free and paid plans suitable for different use cases:

Free plan – ideal for testing with 60-second video limit and Credo branding

Starter @ $12/month – 15-minute videos and multiple outputs without branding

Business @ $39/month – 60-minute videos, fast export, more graphics and sounds

Enterprise – $100/month – Unlimited video length, personalized support, and additional capabilities

Annual billing discounts, custom enterprise plans and video minute top-up packs are also available.

Kreado AI Mod APK

Kredo AI is an innovative platform focused on easy and accessible AI-powered video creation, and offers enough features even in its free version to meet most use cases.

However, mod APKs can often pose security concerns and violate the app’s terms of service. Here are some tips for getting the most out of Kreado AI legally, rather than using an unofficial modified application:

Kreado AI Mod APK

Upgrade To A Paid Plan

While Kreado AI free plan offers good capabilities, premium plans unlock additional advanced features like longer video lengths, faster exports, more graphics and sound, and even custom enterprise-grade plans.

Take Advantage Of Integration

Consider integrating Kreado AI API and SDK into your own applications to unlock more customization capabilities tailored to your needs.

Provide Feedback To The Team

The developers of Kreado AI are constantly releasing updates. Provide them with productive feedback on what features you would find most valuable to be officially added in a future release.

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Kreado AI provides a revolutionary way to create videos by leveraging AI to automate the entire video creation process. It saves immense time, effort and cost, while enabling users with zero prior experience to create stunning, professional-grade videos tailored to business, marketing, education and personal needs. Packed into an easy-to-use platform with capabilities like AI-generated video scripts, hyperrealistic text-to-speech voices, smart video editing, virtual human presenters, and much more, Credo AI is the future of AI-powered video creation today.


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