Narakeet AI – The Ultimate Text-To-Speech Video Maker

Narakeet AI - The Ultimate Text-To-Speech Video Maker
Narakeet AI - The Ultimate Text-To-Speech Video Maker

Narakeet AI is an innovative text-to-speech video creation platform that allows users to easily convert text into high-quality narrated videos. With advanced artificial intelligence technology and a wide range of customization options, Narakeet makes it simple for anyone to produce professional-sounding videos for training, marketing, YouTube, and more.

Narakeet Ai Introduction

By using Narakeet AI you can create many beautiful videos for yourself. In Narakeet AI you will get 600+ voices. 90+ languages will be available, this website will help you in making videos very well. Whether you make your video in Hindi or English. This website is narakeet ai which provides many voices to you. Like I write my texts and submit them on this website. Which celebrity do you want the video or audio to be made in? You can make it as per your wish.

How To Login To Narakeet Ai?

To login to Narakeet AI, it is very important for you to have internet in your computer. First of all, you went to your Google Chrome and then you went to the original website of Narakeet AI. First of all, you have to click on Register, you have to login with your Gmail ID, you have to login with your Gmail ID. Once you go to your dashboard, you can add text to slide, slide to video, this step is very simple.

How To Use Narakeet Ai?

It is very easy to use narakeet ai. After you go to your dashboard, you will see three options, which option do you want. You can see as per your convenience. You get to see the option of Create New Audio and Create New Video. You can see any option according to your needs. Here I click on the option of Create New Audio. Then a new page will open here. Which language should be used on that page and whose voice should be used? What do you have to write in your script? All these things remain written down. You can create a lot of audio using it and you will not have much problem.

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Key Steps for Creating a Video with Narakeet AI

The process of creating a video with Narakeet only takes a few simple steps:

1. Script Your Video

Every great video starts with a well-crafted script. Narakeet allows you to write your narration using Markdown within their online editor. Markdown makes it easy to add formatting, images, code blocks, and more.

You can either write a script from scratch or paste in pre-written text. Be sure to break your script down into logical scenes to make editing easier later.

2. Select a Text-to-Speech Voice

One of Narakeet’s standout features is access to hight quality voices. Browse their voice library to find one suitable for your video — you can filter by language, gender, accent and more.

Listen to voice samples until you find one that aligns with your video style and audience. Customize the tone, speaking rate, and pronunciation as needed.

3. Generate an Audio Draft

With your script written and voice selected, Narakeet will generate an audio draft. Their text-to-speech technology will analyze your script and synthesize a realistic narration.

Listen through the computer-generated narration and make any tweaks to improve clarity. You can iterate quickly since re-generating the audio only takes seconds.

4. Add Visuals

Next, start layering in visual elements to complement the narration. Upload relevant photos, screenshots, PowerPoint slides, or video clips.

Narakeet makes it easy to align images and video segments with the corresponding audio. Their editor does this automatically based on the timing of your script.

5. Include Captions

Ensure your video is accessible to all audiences by automatically generating subtitles and closed captions.

Narakeet uses speech recognition to transcribe the narration and display text overlays synchronized with the audio. Captions can be displayed in multiple languages.

6. Enhance & Export

Put the finishing touches on your video by reordering scenes, adjusting audio levels, and inserting transitions. Narakeet’s editor makes it fast and easy.

Finally, export your completed video in resolutions up to 4K. Narakeet supports formats like MP4, AVI, and more. Share your video everywhere once the export is done.

In just about an hour, you can go from script to finished video using Narakeet’s intuitive platform. Their AI handles much of the busy work, allowing you to focus on storytelling.

How to use Create video from slides with the help of Narakeet AI?

With the help of Narakeet AI you can also make videos. Just after going to the original website of narakeet ai, you have to click on 2 options. By clicking on Create video from slides, you all can create a video by uploading your PDF and using your text. You can make videos in any language. You may find it very easy to make videos using PPT, but for this you will not need any graphic card. No, you will definitely need any software. No, you will not even need a very big power suction. You will save a lot of time and money.

In just a few minutes, you’ll have a video ready to publish and impress. And the best part is, if you have made a mistake or need to make some changes, simply change the script. Click the ‘Edit Video’ button and upload a new presentation. Update the script as often as you want. narakeet ai will prepare everything by making a good video.

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Key Use Cases for Narakeet AI

Narakeet AI lends itself nicely to a wide range of professional and personal video creation applications, including:

Marketing Videos

Narakeet is ideal for crafting marketing videos to engage customers across social media, websites, and ads. Give your brand a voice by creating product demos, commercials, introductions, and more.

Training & Tutorials

For corporations and educators, easily build training videos, how-tos, and video courses. Learners retain more when enjoying an interactive, narrated lesson.

YouTube Content

Entertain and educate YouTube viewers by converting your blog posts or lectures into videos. Narakeet makes it feasible to launch your own channel.


Authors and publishers can turn books into audiobooks by narrating the text. This provides an additional way to reach readers.

Language Learning

Teachers leverage Narakeet to craft pronunciations lessons for foreign language students. Learners can immerse themselves in narration.


Add closed captions to convert audio-only media into video narrations accessible to those with hearing impairments.

Narakeet’s simple yet powerful platform can meet the text-to-speech video needs of almost any individual or organization.


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